Each one of a hundred dishes has its own unique taste.

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川式鸡肉炒面(辣/不辣) Chicken fried noodles in Sichuan style (spicy/non-spicy)
素炒面 Vegetarian fried noodles
酸菜肉丝炒饭 Special fried rice with picked vegetable
巴蜀回锅肉饭 Sichuan-folk twice-cooked pork with rice
鱼香肉丝饭 Fish-fragrant shredded pork with rice
双椒肉丝饭 Shredded pork with green & red peppers and rice
芹菜肉丝饭 Shredded pork with celery & rice
平菇木耳肉片饭 Pork slice with mushroom, cloud ear fungus & rice
四川盐煎肉饭 Sichuan fried pork slice with rice
四川小炒饭 Sichuan stir-fried pork with cabbages with rice
豆豉腊肉饭 Preserved pork in black bean sauce with rice
蒜苔肉丝饭 Shredded pork with garlic sprouts and rice
麻婆豆腐饭 Ma-po tofu with pork mince and rice
肉末豇豆饭 Green bean with pork mince and rice
干煸四季豆饭 Dry-fried green bean with pork mince and rice
川式咖喱牛腩饭 Sichuan curry beef with rice
泡椒牛柳饭 Beef strips with pickled chilli & rice
宫保鸡丁饭 Gong-bao chicken with rice
鱼香鸡柳饭 Fish-fragrant chicken strips with rice
干煸肥肠饭 Dry-fried pig’s intestines with rice
什锦素炒饭 Mixed seasonal vegetables with rice
鱼香茄子饭 Fish-fragrant aubergine with rice
酱烧茄子饭 Braised aubergine in soy sauce & rice
清炒丝瓜饭 Stir-fried loofah with rice